5 Steps to Rekindling Passion in Your Business Today

Have you “lost that lovin’ feeling” for your business?

Don’t waste another day in a business that you are not passionate about.  It is possible to find joy in your business now and get clarity on what you should be doing going forward to maximize happiness.  Read on to get some tips on how you can do this yourself.

Remember when it was all dreams and excitement? You loved your business and didn’t mind working 75 hours a week to make your vision of entrepreneurship a reality. You put in the time, money, and energy, and now you are living your dream.

Except, that dream has somehow turned into a nightmare.  Your mission-driven business now feels like a J-O-B.  Your health and happiness are in the dumps because you can’t see a way out of your business. Yes, it’s meeting your financial needs, maybe even more than your’s hoped, but it’s killing you inside.

That dream has somehow turned into a nightmare.  Your mission-driven business now feels like a J-O-B

You aren’t the first entrepreneur to experience this, and you won’t be the last.  Even though you feel there’s no way out, I’m here to offer you five steps to begin taking action today to rekindle your passion for your business.

5 Steps to Rekindle Passion in your Business

Revisit the Dream

The key to getting started is self-reflection.  To move forward, you must rediscover your WHY and the scope of the original business idea.  What was it you wanted to do in the first place?  Why did you start this particular business to realize these goals?  These are essential questions you need to revisit.

You might have strayed too far away from your original reasons for going into business in the first place.  You’re never going to be able to find your enthusiasm about your business if you can’t remember your initial vision.  This is time well-spent!  And for now, don’t worry about HOW this will happen-focus only on the WHY.


One of the most common reasons my clients experience entrepreneurial dissatisfaction is that they are caught up in the day-to-day busywork of running their business.  These mundane tasks eat up their day, so they never have time to participate in the part of their company they love.

The next step of recapturing your passion is to delegate or outsource those pesky soul-sucking tasks.

At first, the idea of letting go will feel challenging.  What if the person you hire doesn’t do it the same way you do?  Or do it as well?

Many of my clients struggled with the belief that no one else can do it as well as they can.  But from my experience, this isn’t typically the case.  I recommend starting by delegating or outsourcing smaller or repetitive projects so you can see that there are people who can do the job, probably better and in less time than you can.

One of my clients recently took my advice and eventually was able to delegate almost 100% of his coding work.  He happily told me later, “My employee came up with an even better way of solving the problem. I never would have thought of that!”

Work on an Unrelated Project That You’re Super Passionate About

Once you’ve delegated the duties you didn’t enjoy or tasks outside your wheelhouse, it’s time to dig in and do what you really do love. A passion project will re-energize your days and make going to work fun again.  Yes, you will still have other responsibilities, ones honestly that only you can do.  But if you insert chunks of time into your schedule to work on projects that light you up (and are related to the reason you started your business in the first place), you’ll feel satisfied and will breeze through your other less-exciting business tasks faster and with more joy than before.    

Create a Better Work/Life Balance

Are you feeling drained because your personal and work lives are out of balance.  

It’s hard to feel passionate about work if your mind is on personal worries or if you’re feeling burned out by too much work.  Ask yourself how much you’ve been working every week. Then honestly examine just how much time you still have for yourself.  An adjustment to give yourself time with the kids or to maybe take the vacation you’ve been talking about will restore you so that you will be able to feel once again enthusiastic about your business when you return.  

Learn Something New

I often see clients struggling and wasting time because they don’t have a viable scalable process in place.  It feels like a catch-22, if they only had time to learn how to improve their systems, they’d have more time to engage in the reason they started their business. 

This is another way delegating and outsourcing can save time and frustration.  Once you get those necessary but monotonous tasks off your plate, you’ll have time to learn new ways of doing things that will save you even more time once they are in place.  Besides that, engaging in learning will naturally rekindle the joy are missing in life.​  Look for something that sounds interesting to you and could positively impact your business.

Create an Exit Strategy

If you’ve tried the five previous steps and still feel like you are paddling against the current, it may be time for you to consider creating an exit strategy. Perhaps you’ve redefined what your mission is and your current business doesn’t align.  Maybe the original business model wasn’t the right fit.

Whatever the reason, don’t stay stuck!​ It is possible to own a business you are passionate about, and I can help. Click here to set up a free consultation. It’s your first step in taking control of your business and enjoying your life. 

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